Royal Park Hotel Gives Back

Philanthropy in our local community

Royal Park Hotel has proudly supported a broad spectrum of community related causes, and continues to focus on these key initiatives:

  • Community Involvement
  • Veterans & The Homeless
  • Give Kids The World

There are certain criteria that must be achieved with every donation:

  • You must be a 501.c.3 organization with proper documentation
  • We will not donate cash. Gift certificates only.
  • Preference is given to organizations doing events in house (or in the recent past)

In order to evaluate the requests that may fall within our guidelines, we have established criteria that will provide us with the pertinent information we need:

  • A detailed description of the charitable organization and its cause
  • Contact information: name, mailing address, telephone number, email address and website address
  • Date donation is required by
  • How does the request relate to one of Royal Park Hotel's key initiatives for charitable donations?
  • Details on recognition that will be provided to Royal Park Hotel
  • List of other donors for your event
  • How many guests will be attending your event?

Please note that each year we receive hundreds of requests from worthy charitable causes throughout Detroit, Michigan and out of state. Since we are unable to honor every request that we receive, we have established guidelines to limit the type of activities that we consider for support.

The following types of requests fall outside of our guidelines and will not be considered for support:

  • Requests to support individuals
  • Requests from political organizations
  • Requests for multiple year commitments
  • Requests from denomination-specific organizations
  • Requests to support activities outside of our area of service – 10 mile radius
  • Requests from third parties to raise funds for a charity

Please fill out the following donation request form below and include as much information as possible when sending your proposal to Royal Park Hotel. We review requests every Tuesday on a weekly basis. If your request is submitted on a Wednesday or later, it may not be answered until the following week. Please submit your request at least four weeks prior to the date of your event to receive consideration.